Mean Well power supply RCP-2000 Series 2000W 12V – 48V


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Active current sharing up to 6000W (3 units) in one 19" rack, 3 racks max. can be operated in parrallel (up to 9 units)

Protections: Short cirucit / Input under voltage/ Overload/ Over voltage / Over temperature

Other Features:

  • High power density 21.4w/in3

  • Universal AC/ input / full range

  • Withstand 300 VAC surge for 5 seconds

  • Built-in active PFC function, PF>0.98

  • Built-in 5V/0.3A, 12V/0.8A auxiliary power

  • Forced air cooling by built in DC fan

  • Internal OR-ing FET

  • 1U low profile

  • Remote control for single unit

  • Built-in remote sense function

  • Hot swap operation

  • PMBus serial communications

  • AC OK and DC OK signal, fan fail, OTP alarm signal

  • 3 years warranty

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