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Mean Well Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant current LED Drivers can fluctuate output voltage to maintain a set current and are generally used for applications using LED downlights and strings of LED’s wired in series.

Mean Well we offer from 4 to 1000 watts in Constant Current in various form factors, dimensions, and IP ratings. Our Constant Current LED Drivers also includes various methods of dimming including DALI, 1-10V/ 0-10V, KNX, Bluetooth and Triac dimming (both Leading and Trailing edge).


The constant current AP series, is used for small and compact areas. Suitable for LED Strip applica…

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The ELG Series from Mean Well comes in both constant current and constant voltage variances. with 5…

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Mean Well flagship HLG series is renowned for it power and reliability. With 7 years warranty as st…

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The HCVG Series are wide output constant current LED Drivers, available in IP65 (A type) to IP67 (B…

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Constant Current LED drivers with intelligent dimming controls available in two dimming functions, …

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Mean Well' LCM series is a constant current DIP switch LED Driver available in various dimming opti…

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Meanwells LDC slim line constant current LED Drivers Series comes in 3 power outputs from 35W, 55W …

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IP67 Fully encapsulated constant current LED Drivers. Available in 20W,35W,60W,100W and 150W driver…

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Constant Current Triac dimming LED drivers,. Works with both leading and trailing edge Triac dimmer…

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Constant Current LED driver, with Power factor correction (PFC). IP42 rated level, plastic casing.

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Constant Current LED driver with Three phase analog dimming function, fully insulated plastic case …

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Mean Wells XLG Series is a low cost IP rated LED driver Series suitable for various LED lighting ap…

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