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Mean Well 0-10V Dimmable copy Constant Current LED Drivers

0-10V is an analog lighting control protocol. The 0-10V control applies a voltage between 0 and 10 volts DC to produce a varying intensity level. There are two types of 0-10V dimming, current sink and current source. Most of our products are current sink though some will work with current source.

Our Constant Current 0-10V LED Drivers start at 12W and go up to 1000W. Our 0-10v range is available in various IP ratings, including IP20 and IP67. We also have slim line, Mean Well, Eaglerise and EU Chips options available.


The ELG Series from Mean Well comes in both constant current and constant voltage variances. with 5…

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Mean Well flagship HLG series is renowned for it power and reliability. With 7 years warranty as st…

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The HCVG Series are wide output constant current LED Drivers, available in IP65 (A type) to IP67 (B…

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Constant Current LED drivers with intelligent dimming controls available in two dimming functions, …

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Mean Wells XLG Series is a low cost IP rated LED driver Series suitable for various LED lighting ap…

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