MEAN WELL Chargers

From 30 watts up to 1000 watts with various options for intelligent and automatic charging such as pulse chargers or section voltage chargers, and chargers with 2/3/8 stage smart charging for Lead-acid batteries.

Voltages start from 13.5 volts, 13.6 volts, 13.8 volts, 14.4 volts, 27 volts, 27.2 volts, 28.8 volts, 54 volts, 54.4 volts and 57.6 volts. Additional functions include battery voltage detection, battery temperature compensation (by external NTC), battery polarity protection (by fuse), and protections for short circuit, overload, and over voltage.


AC-DC Enclosed power supply with UPS function; ranging from 55~155W, Dual or Triple output.

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DBR Series

AC-DC 19 inch rack front end charger unit with PFC; 400W with 24V or 48V output or a multi-channe…

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DBU Series

DBU-3200 is a 3.2KW single output rack-type/enclosed type AC/DC smart charger in 1U low profile and…

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DRC Series

AC-DC DIN rail single output power supply with battery charger (UPS function); ranging from 40~100W…

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ENC Series

AC-DC Single output battery charger with PFC; 3 stage charging; Universal AC input; ranging from 12…

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GC Series

AC-DC Desktop charger; up to 1600W with universal AC input with 2 years warranty.

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HEP-C Series

AC-DC Single output 3 stage battery charger with PFC for lead acid batteries; 600W with adjustable …

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NPB/NPP Series

450W high reliable ultra wide output range intelligent battery charger

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PB Series

AC-DC Single output intelligent battery charger with PFC; 300W and 360W options have 3 stage chargi…

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PSC Series

AC-DC Single output open frame power supply with battery charger (UPS function); ranging from 55~15…

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RCB Series

AC-DC 19 inch rack mounted charger with a single output (12~48V), 1600W charger with 1U low profile.

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RPB Series

AC-DC charger with a high power density single output (12~48V), 16.1KW charger with built-in defaul…

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SCP Series

AC-DC Enclosed power supply; ranging from 35~75W with a single ouput; battery charger output; batte…

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