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Mean Well DC-DC Power Supplies

Mean Well supplies over 2000 DC-DC converters which are the result of rigid procedures governing design, design verification test, design quality test, component selection, pilot-run production, and mass production.

Our DC/DC converters are from 1 watt to 1000 watts providing customers with quality products that are reliable, delivered on-time and competitively priced. We offer the DC-DC converters in single, dual or triple outputs and with voltages from 3.3 up to 48 volts and available in industry standard SIP, DIP, 2 by 1.6, 2 by 1 and 2 by 2,

DDR Series

DC-DC Ultra slim Industrial DIN rail converter; ranging from 15~120W, Single Output 5~48V, with 4:1…

6 Products

MDS & MDD Series

DC-DC medical Converter PCB mount

2 Products

N78 Series

1A Non-Isolated DC-DC switching regulator

1 Products

NHDD Series

DC-DC Constant Current Driver with DC 380V input

1 Products

NID Series

DC-DC Non-isolation Open frame PCB mount converter; rated power ranging from 35~100W, Output range…

5 Products

NSD Series

DC-DC Converter Open frame; 5~15W with 4:1 wide input range.

3 Products

PSD Series

DC-DC Single output Open frame converter; ranging from 15~45W with 2:1 wide input range.

4 Products

RSD Series

DC-DC Enclosed converter; ranging from 30~300W with built-in constant current limiting circuit; rai…

6 Products

RSDW & RDDW Series

DC-DC Railway Single Output Converter; ranging from 8~60W; DIP Through hole package; Remote ON/OFF

5 Products

SBT/DET Series

DC-DC unregulated converter, PCB mount

5 Products

SD Series

DC-DC Enclosed converter; ranging from 15~1000W wide input range up to 4:1 input range for 500 and …

9 Products

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