MEAN WELL Medical Grade Power Supplies

Our range of medically approved power supplies are available in enclosed, external and open frame formats and comply with IEC60601-1 3rd version but also 2 x MOPP and MOOP levels.

This provides the highest level of isolation protection required for type BF (patient contact) devices. The whole range is approved to international safety regulations and standards: UL/CUL/TUV/EAC/CB/CE/FCC and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing

GEM Series

AC-DC Wall mount medical adaptor; ranging from 12~60W; output can range from 5~48V, 2xMOPP; Interch…

6 Products

GSM Series

AC-DC Medical Desktop Adaptor; ranging from 18~220W with Medical approval (2xMOPP)

15 Products

LOP Series

5 Products

MFM Series

AC-DC Single output Medical Open frame power supply; ranging from 5, 10 and 30W, Output 3.3~48V; PC…

5 Products

MPM Series

AC-DC Single output Medical Encapsulated power supply; ranging from 5~90W, output 3.3~48V, PCB thro…

8 Products

MSP Series

AC-DC Single output Medical Enclosed power supply; ranging from 100~1000W with single output option…

6 Products

NGE Series

AC-DC Reliable Wall-mounted Interchangeable Type Green Adaptor

5 Products

NMP/NMS Series

NMP is a medically approved 650W and 1200W modular and configurable power supply, 2 x MOPP ITE saf…

2 Products

RPD/RPT Series

The RPD range is AC-DC Dual output Open frame power supply; ranging from 60~75W, 2xMOPP; compact si…

8 Products

RPS Series

AC-DC Open frame Medical power supply; ranging from 30~500W, Single output ranging from 3.3~48V; EN…

19 Products

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